The Mahanyasam, meaning the great nyasa (purification) is recited to purify the body, mind and soul of all the impurities. Normally it is recited before performing the Rudrabhishekam of Lord Shiva.


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  1. every INDIAN must and should go through this devotional song

  2. Thanks for the comment - blog admin

  3. Sir, I downloaded Mahanyasam from this site and heard it simultaneously following it in the book(want to learn it). The rendition is very good. It's awesome!! But, it appears that it is incomplete?? Please clarify, if I'm not mistaken. It was only until some point in 'sivasankalpam'. Am I right!


  4. dear ram ... No one have full lenth of Mahanyasa ...
    those are written in thousands of years back, those maybe available in OLD Libraries ...
    But those full mahanysa modifying along with situation cultures of humanity by the experts

    See how many people are listening this filtered mahanyasa now a days .. even though our self there is no time to dedicate some time to abhishek the god for his wellness